Trump and Putin are flexing their military muscles over Syria as they seem posed to engage in a dangerous confrontation. The Twitter language Trumps is using in condemning Assad, his supposed (not totally verified yet) use of chemical weapons against civilians, and the determined staunchly position of his friend Putin could not be more toxic.
What is happening in Syria is like a merry-go-round of claims, counterclaims and lies in a lethal struggle for power.
Russia has firmly installed herself in Syria to defend and sustain Assad’s regime which has been classified as genocidal , their enemies being mostly jadish rebel forces, while the country gets bombed on all side to the point of total destruction.
Chemical weapons have been used before, which Assad and Putin have either denied of blamed on the rebel forces.
The UN has issued condemnations and resolutions which have been systematically broken or vetoed by the major powers in conflict, thus allowing these powers to take their own initiatives for intervention.
This has been the game so far. This time though Russia and USA are at loggerheads embarking on something that they and we all may regret.
Just as well that in the attempt by Donald Trump to get France and the UK on his site, Theresa May seems reluctant to lend her support before the use of chemical weapons is proved to Assad’s doing. But is Theresa May’s stance, in this instance more cautionary in comparison with Tony Blair’s in his unflinching alliance with George Bush in the invasion of Iraq, be enough to deter a major conflict? The next few days hours, perhaps hours will tell.

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