I was only a tiny toddler when American troops landed in Sicily to start liberating Italy from the Nazis.
From that moment on, together with a good percentage of Italians, I have been looking up to the Americans for their openness, wealth and their good intention to invest in helping protect democracy in the world. But our fascination about the Americans has been eroded over the last few decades because of their counterproductive military interventions in parts of the world, although this feeling has been intertwined with admiration for the figure of a few presidents who, all in all, have charmed us with their charisma like Kennedy, Reagan and Obama to the point that we may have forgiven some of their foreign policies mistakes. But none compares with Donald Trump who represents the very first president treading on sensationalism, drawing strength from controversy, forging ahead with his swift domestic measures some of which have undoubtedly proved to be beneficial to Americans from a socio-economic point of view while others can be taken with a pinch of salt.
Donald Trump has charisma, perhaps too much of it, but he has utterly disoriented most of us with regard to our expectations from an American President and appreciation of his deeds.
The last move being the declaration of a state of emergency to circumnavigate constitutional obstacles with regard to getting funds to fulfil his intention to build a wall on the Mexican border.
For one isolationism, which seems to be his preferred stance, is quite new in the traditional relationship between America and the rest of the world.
Will he be remembered as an extraordinary president who went against the grain to change world order for the better or one that embarked on a set of actions which in the long run could prove to be detrimental to America and its relationship with other nations of the world?
Concetto La Malfa