The Donald Trump’s lure

The political maturity of the Americans will be put to a test next November at the Presidential Elections. We will find out whether they will be falling for the ever increasing appeal gained lately by the flamboyant  Donald Trump, the candidate who has shown a considerable racist trait with regard the Blacks, Mexicans and Muslims.
A good number of gullible voters are stating that they want to see America regain prestige, pointing their finger at Obama as the president responsible of favouring the black community when he tried to reform the health system. Some others say that Obama has been too weak or inactive in adequately responding  to terrorist acts, advocating the all guns blazing attitude of Obama’s predecessors.
They also do not like Obama for his attempt to introduce laws about possession of weapons.

Finally they like Trump for his entrepreneurial skills. Something that reminds us Italian of Silvio Berlusconi!
If in November naivety prevails over common sense in America, there may be troubles ahead that the immature American electorate might regret.