Stephen Fry’s controversial interview with Gay Byrne at “The Meaning of Life” program has created a barrage of criticism especially from Christian believers.
First of all those who bitterly criticise him and call him a blasphemer need their tiny heads examined. Letters to Irish papers have considered him an ignorant in the understanding of Christianity as if Christian creed is an accepted dictatorship whereby one is severely punished if one holds different opinions about Christ and God, no matter how outlandish they may sound to the staunchly majority. Where is democracy and freedom of speech in this instance?
Along with Mr Fry, there are some who think that the Bible and the Gospels are “necessary” man made fairy tales to satisfy the limitedness of the human kind when confronted with the might of the universe. Philosophically speaking, if one thinks that time and space are infinite, cause they could not be anything else, we can talk in terms of eternity when it comes to time and therefore we automatically exclude a Creator.
Out goes the window the notion of God creator of the world.
Albert Einstein who abhorred any religion which rewards and punishes was in favour of a so called cosmic religion in that, when we look at the immensity of the visible universe on a starry night, we should feel the power of this mystery which in itself is our God. For God is the difficulty itself to explain him. That alone would make one realize how futile evil is vis-á-vis with good.
Now if one opens one’s mind to all possibilities with regard to the meaning of our tiny existence as a human race in the big picture of the incommensurable wonder of the universe, one might accept  the supposedly blasphemous statements about God by Stephen Fry.
It is quite an absurdity that a God, creator of the Universe, hence master of all things and presumably good and charitable towards his creation, would create man as a fallible, vulnerable being destined to suffer and die. Such imperfection from a supposedly perfect God is  questionable. And this is what Mr Fry did in his interview with Gay Byrne.
When you think that if the Bible is true, dynasties after dynasties of the human race are systematically paying, without blame, for the mistake made by Adam and Eve, it’s no wonder that Mr Fry would call such a God unjust to say the least. CLICK HERE FOR THE INTERVIEW

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