The Italian Fusion Festival Returns this Summer under the name: JAZZ & PROSECCO EDITION, at BELLOBAR, PORTOBELLO HARBOUR, DUBLIN – SATURDAY 13th JULY 2019.
The festival is organised by Radio Dublino, a weekly Italian radio magazine broadcasted every Wednesday from 09.30 to 10.30 pm on Near FM, a not for profit cooperative run by volunteers who manage their programmes autonomously and independently.
The festival, organised in collaboration with the Italian Institute of Culture in Dublin, aims at promoting cultural exchanges between Italy and Ireland and show the Italian contribution in art and culture in Ireland.
This edition of the festival is dedicated to Jazz, the most fusion music of all genres in which Italians are excelling.
The music will be accompanied by videos, poetry reading and a glass of prosecco included in the ticket!
Spaces are limited so book early to avoid disappointment.
The following is our video on last year’s edition of the festival.

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