Italian book launch at Pinocchio Restaurant Dublin

Last night 10th November 2015, Pinocchio Restaurant in Ranelagh, Dublin, hosted the launch of two books (“Pesenza Italiana in Irlanda” and “Amnesia”) by journalist, author and editor of this website Concetto La Malfa. In the presence of the Italian Ambassador Giovanni Adorni Braccesi, the launch was presented by Maurizio Mastrangelo, one of the two directors of Flavour of Italy of which the restaurant is part, who said:
We are delighted to host this evening the presentation of two books by our long standing friend Concetto La Malfa.
Born in Sicily, Concetto La Malfa has lived in Dublin since 1965. A graduate in Economics, he has worked in many fields, from tourism to industry and ultimately in teaching and writing both as a journalist and author.
He has taught Italian as a language assistant at University College Dublin for over 20 years and at the Italian Institute of Culture in Dublin for a total of 10 years until 2011.
He has taught Italian to almost three generations of Irish people and as an experienced and respected teacher of Italian in Ireland he can boast the compilation of a course of basic Italian conversation which in You Tube has now almost one million users to-date.
As a journalist he has been a correspondent in Dublin for the Italian Sports paper Corriere dello Sport of Rome, and correspondent for important radio stations such RAI GR3 and RTL 102.5 in Milan.
In 1983 he founded ITALIA STAMPA Magazine, a Periodical for the Italians and Friends of Italy in Ireland, which has been replaced by a thriving online information magazine which is presented primarily with video coverage of events. Concetto is in fact a prolific videographer and documentarist.
As an author has eight books to his credit which include collections of short stories, a play and two fiction novels. With these works he has received four literary awards in Italy and one in Ireland.
In the picture from left Maurizio Mastrangelo , the Italian Ambassador Giovanni Adorni Braccesi (while addressing the audience) and Concetto La Malfa)
During the launch a documentary on Flavour of Italy by Concetto La Malfa was shown to those present, which we reproduce here below for our readers.

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