After the latest Cambridge Analytica privacy scandal, one wonders what next has Mr Zucherberg to do for us to say ‘no’ or ‘no more’ to Facebook. While the trillionaire inventor of the most powerful social media on earth is laughing his way to the bank, billions of followers use Facebook every single day, and the usage goes up and up. It is no wonder, for it’s our stupidity that goes up and up.
Einstein once said: “Two things must be infinite: the universe and human stupidity; I am not so sure about the universe”.
Facebook – they say – brings people together although there is inconfutable evidence that it tears people apart. Since its institution it has heightened our curiosity, or is it voyeurism?
It’s a nice way – they say – of communicating with people and friends who live in remote places, while it has been and continues to be a paradise for manipulative, evil people and bullies.
As some people still rely on the good old e-mails or texts to communicate, they frequently lose important messages from friends who now communicate exclusively through Facebook.
Every selfie, every video clip, even those featuring vulgarity, salaciousness or extreme violence “must” be posted on Facebook.
I once saw a photo posted by a friend of mine featuring him embracing his wife from behind, his hands on her breasts. Unbelievably ridiculous! Not to mention those who publish maxims with the same pomp as 22nd century prophets, or post information like: “yesterday I cooked lasagne for my friends”. Who the hell cares?
But above all, we have all handed our precious privacy to Mr Zucherberg on a silver platter.

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