The traditional celebrations of James Joyce’s Bloomsday are in full swing. A myriad of events have been organized to remember Ulysses the masterpiece of a writer who is the lighthouse of literary Ireland. Apart from this evening’s “Joycean Serenate” performed CORO ITALIANO at St. Ann’s in Dawson Street, Dublin 2 (7 pm), tomorrow, Friday 16 June 2017, a concert, “JOYCE AT THE OPERA” will be held at the National Library of Ireland, Dublin (1:00 pm) featuring music that was central to Joyce’s life and writings.
Trieste-based artists Ilaria Zanetti (soprano), Riccardo Rados (tenor) and Alessandra Sagelli Caoduro (piano) will be joined by Irish singers Owen Gilhooly (tenor) and Noel O’Grady (tenor). Insights into the importance of the performed works to Joyce will be provided by Professor John McCourt (University of Macerata). 13 pieces will be performed, with an emphasis on the lyric opera so loved by Joyce as well as some popular melodies and music-hall songs. Songs by composer Antonio Smareglia, (a friend of Joyce in Trieste, best known for Le Nozze Istriane), and rarely heard Italian versions of arias from Balfe’s The Bohemian Girl, which Balfe conducted in Trieste in 1854, will also be performed.
The concert is organised by the Italian Institute of Culture in collaboration with the National Library of Ireland, Associazione Triestina Amici della Lirica “G. Viozzi” and the Trieste Joyce School (University of Trieste).
For the occasion italvideonewstv.net  is now re-presenting to its readers a documentary, compiled  by Elena Lodovichi and Elena Basilici who were two of its trainees last year.
The documentary focuses on the fact that, apart from Ulysses, the  other book which, according to some scholars would have made Joyce’s glory, is “Dubliners” and on the love-hate relationship between James Joyce and Dublin.

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