History has taught nothing to western powers

The Westminster political debate on whether to vote in favour or against the bombing of IS targets in Syria, makes us consider how history has taught nothing to the major western powers, primarily the USA and Britain.
Under the circumstances, what will soon be happening in Syria is similar to what happened in Cambodia and Vietnam when Nixon orders the total annihilation of the enemy in these countries not knowing that not only would he play into the hands of the Kmer Rouge, an insurgence not dissimilar to the current IS, but that he would in the end lose the war.
Mr Cameron’s rush to bombing Syria reminds us of Mr Blair’s eagerness to join the Americans in the ill-advised invasion of Iraq under false pretences.
Nobody is denying that ISIL represents an evil threat that has to be eliminate, nor that national security in European countries is paramount, but the facts show that the more IS has been bombed in Syria the more recruits it has gained doubling its force from 15 thousand to 30 thousand fighters.
Besides, military experts keep saying that bombing alone without boots on the ground will solve nothing and will not contribute to destroy ISIL.
Finally Britain and the USA alike seem to lack the power of imaginative diplomacy.
Whether they like it or not Syria is after all a country officially ruled by Assad and his national army, so, if ISIL is a common enemy, why have they discounted the option of exploring the possibility of joining forces with him as the most obvious ally?

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