When the General Election in Britain was announced, most of us agreed on the fact that due to the chaotic disarray in political circles over Brexit in the last three and a half years, it was extremely difficult to predict the outcome of this specific Election. Not anymore. For, thanks to the recent symbiosis between the Brexit Party and the Conservative Party , British electors, who have of late proved to be some of the most immature electors in Europe, we can expect a bonanza for the Conservative who will jump to the top. So Boris Johnson, against all odds, may continue to rule the roost, comforted by the notion that Britain at last will leave Europe with all the consequences of which neither he nor Farrage have the slightest notion or, rather, pretend not to have.
So it will be the usual rhetoric by a blind folded political party that claims to have generated stability and economic growth in Britain, while the gap between those who have and those who have not is ever widening. British electorate, both the remain and the Brexit sympathizers, are no longer able to read between the lines. They seem to be all converted to the idea that someone like Boris Johnson, like a crusader, will lead to their independence nirvana from what they consider an oppressive Europe.
To hell with their young people who will lose a host of benefits in terms of job opportunities, projects, subsidies from Europe, that a market of 500 million people around the corner from Britain has provided. To hell with free mobility of people, goods and expertise. What is important to them is Britain to the British; the old colonial cliché from a country that finds it difficult to be a primus inter pares, as it wants to be just primus. Wishful thinking!