I would call it a country that never learns from the past. Here,  it’s enough to get a whiff of economic recovery that  everybody, well almost everybody, who has something to sell jumps on the bandwagon and prices of things spin without control.

We are seeing this with house prices and more significantly in the exorbitant level of rents that are now  even higher than those in pre-2008 good days,  as it were.

It’s the market economy and the law of supply and demand that push prices up, so they say. Of course few are prepared to consider another factor that in Ireland seems to be quite comfortably at home, called “greed”.

unicornAnd this malaise pervades all sectors of trade including restaurants. In terms of restaurants, take the renowned Unicorn for example, recently taken over by la Fiorentina group, after a rollercoaster of undisputed  popularity for decades as “the” place to be seen (quality of food did not matter),  and lately precarious and pernicious financial debt.

When la Fiorentina took over this restaurant only early this year, it offered tasty bites for reasonable prices with an a-la-carte menu not exorbitantly expensive. In the space of only a few month, management thought  of hiking  prices in the a-la-carte menu where, a dish of turbot is prices at €33.

I was with a friend for a business lunch I did chose pesce spada. Well I was presented with a mountainous “small”  lump of fish (roasted or grilled) seasoned with a proper black olive based sauce. Normally sword fish is cooked and served in thick slices and the sauce is allowed to season and give its taste the fish, not as two unrelated entities. This dish came with €27 price tag. Wow! Customers like me will now think twice before booking seats in your restaurant for a social or business lunch!