24 HOUR BREXIT COUNTDOWN – An analysis by Concetto La Malfa

Yesterday the 73 British MEPs bid farewell at the European Parliament on the eve of Britain’s exit from the EU.
Some were in tears, some, namely the happy Brexit Party band, celebrated arrogantly waving their little Union Jack flags. They were led by shamelessly beaming Brexit Supremo Nigel Farage. This is the man who started the whole Brexit debacle, who has hated the EU so much that he conveniently kept drawing hisfat EU salary for years until now. What a hypocrite! Some of the remainers, like myself, feel revulsion at his sight! After four decades of being a member of the large EU family of nations, the British who were ill informed about pros and against of Brexit at the time of the 2016 referendum, are, whether they like or not, out of Europe by the 31st of January.
So those who still believe that Britain is Britain, a reminiscence of old imperial Britain, will be happy. They never integrated in Europe one bit anyway. Those 48% of the electorate who voted to remain are now anxious about what Brexit will really mean to their jobs to their essential services, to their lives and most importantly to their children. The effects, surely not positive, of abandoning 500 million people strong trading market around the corner from the UK with which the British government has allotted one full year to strike some sort of new deal (wishful thinking) will certainly be felt, as this raises quite a number of issues.
So Britain will re-take control of their borders with regard to immigration, will not be dictate by the EU in terms of budgetary financial matters and will not be subjected to the ruling of the European court of Justice. Nobody has properly quantified though what the young people will lose in terms of mobility as students, availability of EU projects and job opportunities.

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