Yesterday Angela Merkel won the elections in Germany by the skin of her teeth. At the same time the very extreme right wing AfD party (Alternative for Germany), became, with 12,6 % of the votes, the third largest political party in Germany. This doesn’t come as a surprise, for, six months ago, many European leaders worried that the wave of popular discontent that led to the Brexit vote in the United Kingdom and propelled Donald Trump into the White House could empower nationalist, anti-immigrant and anti-EU parties across Europe, shaking the very foundations of the EU.
The writings were on the wall and have been for a while. The discontent is real and one that it is difficult not to understand or ignore. Very soon Europe, and indeed the world, might face the brunt of nasty repercussions.
With regard to Europe, the failure to regulate the issue of immigrants by establishing realistic quotas, has proven to be the apple of contention for the British and German governments, generating reactions which have all the ingredients to cause havoc in the stability of Europe, re-proposing once again the spectre of major upheavals of the type that only 80 years ago led to a world war.
The ferment of malcontent is growing, and even in the most unlikely countries like Mongolia, a new Nazi party is now flourishing as an anti-Russian reaction. It’s quite tragically amusing that new reactionary forces just like this, in order to pursue what might very well be a just cause, have to show such luck of imagination in adopting vituperated ideologies of the past which they know, as most of us know, were the epitome of human degradation.
Add to all this the dangerous current bickering between Trump and Kim Jong-un in North Korea and you have all the ingredients for military conflict which might just turn into a World War.
If you thought Isis was bad, consider this!