WHERE IS THE WORLD GOING TO? An analysis by Concetto La Malfa

If you constantly watch the news on TV as I have had to do for days, stuck on hospital bed following an operation, you educate yourself.
From what you see and hear, if you are attuned to world affairs as I am, you realize pretty soon where the world is going to. You form the opinion, all in all, that the world is governed by evil people, incompetent politicians, and that all of us have lost the plot in terms of politics and that we are caught in the net of drumming advertising, addictive social media run by shrewd operators who are laughing their way to the bank at our expense.
If you want an example of incompetent, and at the same time “dangerous” world leader , just look at Mr Trump extraordinaire. Which other president of the most powerful country in world, would have denied the planet’s global warming and call it a joke. I hope he goes to the Rocky Mountains if – say – Florida and New York should be submerged by tidal waves the likes of which have never been seen. Which other American President would have ordered a 25% tariff on $200billion worth of Chinese imports, ignoring the fact that, apart from exacerbating relations with China, this move will hit his own people, the American buyers of all types of Chinese goods. Absolutely unbelievable!
And what about his games in the Middle East, Iran in particular. Is he waiting for some hot-headed middle-easterner to push the bottom so that we all will face incineration?
If Trump is top of the list in the category of world leaders, there are other examples of political incompetence sided and actually encouraged by utter immaturity by the people who vote their representatives. Brexit is number one. But we do not go on on this subject.
To be honest, though, politicians are there because we voted them, and the way the world is going is that wanting to change the existing political systems because we do not like it because of this and that, we vote for completely opposite systems. Just like that! Take the case of Italy, from central left to extreme right.
It seem as if the Earth axis has dangerously tilted!

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