There is a school of thought which suggests that if the USA did not intervene in WW2, we probably would all speak German by now. But they did get involved and sent 1 million soldiers to Europe who were mainly stationed in Britain, as their closest ally.
We all know the war was won for us in Europe at a huge cost of human lives. Now that the D-Day 75th anniversary is being celebrated it would be inconceivable not to see to-day’s American President travelling to these shores and be present at the celebrations.
The point is though that to-day’s American President is no ordinary President, as he is one that with his less than endearing way of communicating via Twitter, his rough and ready approach to foreign policy, his all in all anti-European attitude, his dangerously surprising views on global warming has made more enemies than friends for himself around the world including Britain. The Mayor of London wasn’t there to welcome him at his arrival in Stansted Airport, Jeremy Corbyn declined the invitation to Buckingham Palace banquet and protesters are making their voice heard through the streets of London.
This is an absolute dilemma. In an ideal world there are occasions which should transcend politics. Considering we do not live in an ideal world, is the present Trump’s visit to Europe one of these occasions? It’s not easy to say!

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