According to a politically imposed philosophy of getting out of poverty, the Chinese have long been encouraged to make money from selling animals dead or alive. Hence the opening of open air markets which see the most incredible connivance between humans and all sorts of animal, alive or butchered for sale, literally from the tiniest insect to a crocodile. Seemingly China has been the origin of some of the deadliest viral deceases coronavirus last by not least. It is know that a bat transmitted the virus to humans and rapidly spread, as it has, around the globe.
But the question is, the bat was the host of this deadly virus the origin of which, like many others which preceded it, is wrapped in mystery. There is a school of thought that the Earth has, since it’s embryonic existence, been bombarded by cosmic rays and invisible cosmic matter particles. Let’s not forget that one of the most prominent theories is that even human life on the planet was implanted from outer space, from a bacterial form to what it is today. If this is true, the philosophical consideration ensues that the cosmos is responsible for everything on earth and its evolution, from life giving to life taking in an ever changing evolution of not only of our tiny planet but of the whole of the universe. It may sound superstitious of a biblical proportion, but there is a chance that there might be a modicum of truth in it. we reproduce one of the most informative video on coronavirus by VOX.

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