Most people agree that internet is a jungle. The problem of data transfers and communication has been tackled at EU level to the point that they issued rules and regulations concerning privacy statements for all those who run websites. But in many cases these rules and regulations have proved difficult to word and implement. Then we have the cases of facebook and youtube being abused by the evil element of our society who like posting lewd, violent and dangerous stuff which these institutions are reluctant or very slow to filter. Isn’t clever on their part? After all the lewder the better. The voyeuristic nature of people being as it is, billions of viewers make a meal of them and the likes of facebook and youtube cash in, big time, in terms of advertising.
Here are some other sides to the story.
As a prolific film uploader on youtube for journalistic reasons, I get pestered by the geniuses of youtube for copyright claims on tunes I use as background music in my video compilations, which have been systematically rebuffed, proved wrong and discounted every single time. I produced a short documentary sometime ago which has been subjected to about five or six copyright claims for the same background tune. Apparently youtube have no way to record historical claims and resolutions on the same issue over and over again. Because, if they had, they would not bother me a second, third, fourth and fifth time, as they would look at my valid arguments which have cleared me of supposedly copyright breach the first time round.
The other big issues are related to online dealings with some giant organizations such Amazon for example.
If you wish to buy something from them you have to register, and you do the same thing if you – say – wish to place one of your books in the so called kindle e-book section. So you have two accounts: one for buying and one for selling. But if you have the slightest problem with either account, especially with your kindle e-book account, either because of their elaborate system of setting up things or because you, being fed up with the impossibility of contacting them, wish to even delete your account, there is no way you can do so. At least I have spent hours on it to no avail. Their absurdly complicated system takes you on a merry-go-round of do this and do that, without ever getting to the point of communicating your real issue. And if you enter your kindle e-book account and click on HELP this will take you the buyers page. Absolutely crazy! They have several pages you can open on “how to get in touch with them”. So you would expect options like “ring”, “send e-mail” or chat. You’d be lucky! You are seemingly are asking for too much!

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