As the date to vote in the referendum on the abortion Eighth Amendment is fast approaching, the debate between Yes and No, between choice and pro-life, has reached fever pitch.
It is interesting though how, both on radio and TV, the mantra you hear from pro-life campaigners is still the same.
They seem to have coined their own language and definitions. Have you noticed how they have erased the word “foetus” from their dictionary and systematically replaced it with “little baby”? Have you noticed their claim that a Yes majority in the referendum will mean “abortion on demand”, not to mention the 007 like motto “Licence to kill”??
Now, coming from pro-life campaigning women, the abortion on demand statement is demeaning to their own gender to say the least, as it suggests that a woman can get abortion by going to a shop, as it were, and ask the assistant: “I will have one of those on the top shelf, please”.
Any reasonable human being will agree that ANY woman will think more than twice before deciding to have an abortion, as it is not a willy-nilly decision.
Besides, there is chink in the armour of the whole abortion debate. Nobody has yet impugned before the International Court of Justice the fundamental human right of a woman to do what she pleases with her own body. The sooner someone will, the better!
C. La Malfa

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