Between Mr Johnson’s attempt to prevent Brexit plans being blocked and defections by key MPs to weaken the MP’s position and rebels trying to block a no deal Brexit, the British political Carnival resumed yesterday in Westminster. In the meantime the mercury is up in thermometer of uncertainty all around, waiting for the Commons to legislate to outlaw a no deal Brexit, while the blaming game is once again raging, with the EU being called responsible for some of the uniquely British misdemeanors in the current unprecedented debacle. The argument has been revisited that Britain will save billions once out of the EU. Of course nobody has clearly spelled out that if Britain saves a few billions in the short run it may lose tenfold in the long run.
Amazingly though, Mr Gove is assuring the British people that Britain will strike a deal with the EU before its departure, when there is not a single evidence of negotiations with the EU having started never mind going on, pointing to the more than likely outcome of crushing out of the EU. Brexiteers have had plenty of time to refine their art of minimizing the impact on Britain leaving the big European circle. This is like living in denial. All we hear are suppositions of great opportunities for Britain outside the EU, clearly getting on the wishful thinking bandwagon.
Besides, what most observers wonder is what purpose will a likely general election only a fortnight before Britain is supposed to leave the EU serve? This, to many, is something that beggars belief. Fresh general election would undoubtedly bring about a delay in the whole Brexit procedure, without taking into account whether the EU is prepared to concede to that.

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