On 2nd September, plans were lodged with Dublin City Council to redevelop the site of the former Kiely’s Pub, Donnybrook. The new proposed building is 7 storeys high and comprises a café/restaurant and 100no. single occupancy ‘Build to Rent’ Shared Accommodation units (ranging from a tiny 18.2sqm to 27sqm). The 100 units have small kitchenettes and multifunctional communal areas and communal amenity spaces. There is a roof terrace at fifth floor level. There is no parking in the building, only 152 no. bicycle spaces. Full plans can be viewed at www.DublinCity.ie (planning reference no. 3301/20)
The local residents are concerned, as they believe that this development is excessively large for the Kiely’s site and that it will have a permanent negative impact on the Donnybrook landscape and skyline. They encourage anybody to object to this plan to file an observation to Dublin City Council Visit www.DublinCity.ie, click ‘main menu’, ‘planning’, ‘search for a planning application’, and enter the planning reference below. Closing date for observations : Tuesday 6th October Planning Reference : 3301/20 Cost : €20
These are the causes for concern, although they do not represent a full or definitive list : • Size & Scale is too big in relation to surrounding buildings, particularly Pembroke / St Broc’s Cottages. • Completely out of character with the surrounding area and will change the landscape of Donnybrook forever. • Excessive density of units – Too many people living in such a confined space on such a small site • Parking – There is already a serious lack of residential parking in the area. This building has no parking • Loss of Light • Loss of Privacy – overlooks many homes • Noise – Increased noise from open roof top terrace • Architecturally ugly – Particularly the two gable walls • The building is in breach of the Dublin City Development plan • Covid19 – Communal living does not lend itself to social distancing. Poses a threat to residents and community.
If you have any queries in relation to the document, or need help with making an objection to Dublin City Council about this particular development, please contact 086-0749545 and we will be happy to help you with lodging your observation.
Thank You for your time.

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