The political debate about Brexit is still in full swing with Boris Johnson waiting in the wings to dethrone Theresa May, as if changing leadership of the Conservatory Party, or worse, a general election is going to change things.
In hind sight, would you not think that Brexit should instead be called FARRAGEIN, for the paternity of the whole debacle can be attributed to one of the most populist politicians in our hemisphere. We still remember how he took advantage of an utterly immature British electorate to advance is UKIP manifesto to exit from Europe. Ever since the unfortunate referendum he has made sporadic appearances. He has maintained a vociferous presence in Brussels where he has served and is still serving as an MEP. It is quite interesting how he vituperates Europe while drawing a fat salary as a Member of the European Parliament for the last 5 year.
Lately he has re-emerged in British circles, founding the “Brexit Party”, which has immediately gained popularity (35%) in recent polls. Is it any surprise? Once again we are dealing with a British electorate under the spell of a man who contributed to the Exit result at the 2016 referendum by feeding lies about what Europe really means, apart from the billions of pounds in contribution Britain, like any of the other 27 states, has to pay to stay in Europe or the constrictions on national budgetary matters dictated by Brussels.

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