FB_IMG_1461152419264Manuel Morsiani, from Bologna, is an exceptional chef. He is a master in food preparation. But his passion for food and cooking skills were instilled in him by his father Roberto a king in the world of Italian chefs.
We asked Manuel, who now works at Il Vicoletto Restaurant in Temple Bar, Dublin, to tell us his story.
“When I was very young I saw my father working in his restaurant, and was fascinated with everything that happened in the kitchen.
When I finished school I told my father that I wanted to become a chef.
He thought that it was necessary for me to begin my apprenticeship 12932916_1020517248043279_6047632261512613798_nworking in another restaurant.
He felt it was important that I learnt discipline, respect for the hierarchy and to be punctual, to accept the tasks I was given but also the hardest chores as washing dishes, tidying up and cleaning the kitchen and to never miss work unless absolutely necessary, all things difficult to accept in your own family environment.
After various years trainin1239839_508048549290154_278932999_ng in a number of restaurants I finally got to work with him.
If in the other restaurants it was hard, with him it was ten times worse.
I treasured his advice and his tips and above all I tried to make use of his vast experience which he gained over the years plying his trade in many restaurants.
From my father I also learnt to value each ingredient has in preparing food, that the final result has to be a work of art because of its lightness, taste and beauty without forgetting nutritional value and digestibility.
He taught me that if your food is fantastic that alone is not enough, you need to think of the ambiance and the atmosphere, as well as  good, respectful and friendly service is an art which fulfils your senses.
I took on his philosophy – create a place that is unique in its genre, where eating becomes an unforgettable and pleasant experience, make the restaurant a meeting place for characters from the arts, culture and fashion worlds, people in the know and any gastronomic expert who appreciates and enjoys food and does not just want to fill his or her stomach.”

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