Ireland: What recovery?

While squabbles are raging (what’s new?) about  the appointment of a top academic to the position of Governor of the Central Bank, government reports keep feeding us with the notion that Ireland in is full recovery and that the economic future of this country looks very bright.
The last budget, defined by many as the most politically oriented, election oriented publicity from a coalition government in modern times, has arranged and adjusted things pertaining to taxation and similar measures in such a way that, once again, those who are better off will have a financially higher net gain than those who are worse off, while throwing crumbs here and there which are supposed to appease the most vulnerable in society.
They call it recovery. A recovery which does nothing to address poverty and homelessness and strangling housing and private and commercial levels of rent. The cart before the horse! Recovery without proper social infrastructures!
It is quite shamefully paradoxical that a country like Ireland, with the same population  as one of the major European capital cities, with the highest top notch foreign investments in Europe, shows the same socio-economic cracks of much larger countries and cannot get it right for all its citizens by wiping out poverty and homelessness for a start.
Government experts should take a trip to a thriving capital city in the world and closely study its well-organized administration to learn how it is done.

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