geremyIn Great Britain, the cradle of modern democracy in Europe as we know it a new star has been born in the firmament of Labour. His name is Jeremy Corbyn aged 66.

Fresh elections for the leadership of this historical party gave him 60 % of the votes.

There are sure signs that under this iron fisted, uncompromising leadership it’s going to be a brand new era for Labour, and one which, for a change, will represent the people and not party interests in a lukewarm opposition in government.

For too long in many countries of Europe, including Ireland and to some extent Italy, the difference between right and left has been almost non existent, in a climate of ever increasing  socio-economic  divide between those who have and those who have not, blown by the wind of ever spreading corrupt capitalism.

Corbyn is very much loved by those who love him and very much hated by those who hate him, in a true Machiavellian Prince fashion. His promise that there are things that need to be changed, that Labour will change, must be giving Conservatories sleepless nights.

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