There is no way! It seems that Ferrari and its drivers are condemned to third place. In the Azerbaijan Grand Prix which has just concluded to-day, Ferrari did not live up to expectations. Only recently Ferrari promised to fine tune the car with important modifications but the best that the likes of Vettel could manage today was third place. Quite distressing! It’s like a life sentence! It makes you think though. Are we talking about the car really or its drivers? With due respect to Sebastian Vettel of course!
Let’s examine Ferrari’s trend over the last three years:
2016 The promise of the previous season quickly evaporates as the team find themselves unable to live with Mercedes or Red Bull. Vettel and Raikkonen finish on the podium seven and four times respectively, but poor strategy calls prevent them taking the rare victory opportunities that do present themselves.
2017 An innovative car reinvigorates the team and puts them back on par with world champions Mercedes, at least for the first half of the season. But infuriating technical niggles (plus the odd driver error) in the second drop them out of title contention, with an eventual total of five race wins to their rivals’ 12.
2018 A case a déjà vu, as Ferrari produce what is for much of the year the fastest package on the grid, and yet are somehow out-raced, out-strategized and out-developed by reigning champions Mercedes. Sebastian Vettel supplies their five season victories – but also some rather costly mistakes.

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