On Saturday night, the long waited Eurovision Song Festival was won by Israel win Netta singing “Toy”. According to Netta’s preview, the song she sang, inspired by the #MeToo movement, had an important message:“The awakening of female power and social justice, wrapped in a colourful, happy chicken vibe”, the chicken noises during the song, supposed to imitate the voices of a coward – a ‘chicken”, and “Someone who doesn’t act the way he/she feels and treats you like a toy. Pam pam pa hoo, turram pam pa hoo!
The only think is that, apart from the over-the-top flashing and throbbing light effects, this kind of European Circus with the extraordinary late inclusion of Australia, should no longer be called Eurovision Song Festival but Eurovision Show Contest. It seems that real singing skills, powerful good voices (there were quite a few on the night), extremely good lyrics, and real, pressing messages on issues that affect us all, men and women on this planet (i.e anti-war messages), do not count much on this phantasmagorical yearly Eurovision staging. I suppose it’s a matter of distorted priorities.

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