After the staggering win by Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton at the American Presidential Elections, all those, including myself, who were swept away by the wind of preservation of the old establishment in the USA, failed to look for the real man inside Trump.
Too much emphasis  was placed on accusations which were very instrumentally fired against each other by  the two candidates; the lewd  statements about women by Trump on the one hand and the business of Clinton’s emails on the other, to really concede to the fact that Trump actually represented a serious new movement rather than a party to change America supposedly for the better.
We have called Trump a buffoon,  and we have even suggested that the American electors would be utterly immature if they chose him as their President.
While backtracking is due in all humility now, we can start by appreciating the graciousness of his first reaction to the media about his appointment and  the conciliatory words towards his competitor Hillary Clinton.
Whether his inexperience in terms of political skills will be an obstacle to implement the best of his intentions with regard to re-building the sense of American greatness and unity, remains to be seen.
If domestically he will be able to deliver his many promises to “all” Americans, the big question is what will his foreign policy be. Is he going to factually contribute to solve the Israel-Palestinian problem?  Something that all his predecessors have failed to do. Will he seriously filter Muslim presence in the USA? After all we do know how tolerant American and British democracies have been in allowing suspect, dangerous Muslim elements to live and exercise their activism both in the USA and Britain.  Will he deal with ISIS in a more decisive way? After all the fight by installments against ISIS which Obama has put in place both in Iraq and Syria has not produced great results. Will his friendly  relationship with Putin be a good thing for both America and Russia as well as for the rest of the world?
What if notoriously shrewd Putin takes advantage of Trump’s goodness and does something like forcing  his hand in annexing some other former USSR little state?
Will Trump be able to appropriately confront Putin?
His first 100 days at the White House will provide the answer to these questions.
Concetto La Malfa

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