The day of reckoning has arrived for social media giants, who face flood of lawsuits following damages claims made by a 14 year old Irish girl over a naked photo posted on Facebook “shame” page.
This case is the first of its kind in the world.
It was about time that the likes of Facebook and Youtube for that matter are brought to book!
The inventors of these social media services, who are now trillionaires and are laughing their way to the bank, could spend some of their profits on cleaning up their act.
Take Youtube for example. I, as a creator of some 450 videos in my channel, l am being literally pestered by the so called monitors of contents. My videos, that are primarily journalistic coverage of events, documentaries and interviews, are all monetised with ads. But lately every time a post a video of this kind, I get a “not suitable for all advertisers”. This limitation is based on contents which may contain any of the following: controversial issues and sensitive events, reference to drugs and dangerous products or substances, or harmful or dangerous acts, hateful content, inappropriate language, incendiary and demeaning expressions, or sexually suggestive content, or instigations to violence, none of which is even remotely contained in my compilations.
The other nuisance on their part, is the demonetization of some of my videos due to copyright infringement for using copyrighted music. And I keep proving that the music used is royalty free as it is part of the tunes offered within my video editing program.
So, instead of harassing people like me, they should look further and monitor “real” infringements.
C. La Malfa

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