BREXIT: A VERY REVEALING EXERCISE! An indepth analysis by Concetto La Malfa

Never mind the utter political party splits, the disorientation, the indecision in deciding the way Britain will leave the EU, what is interesting is that Brexit has exposed opinions and tendencies which go from simple immaturity in understanding the simple history and politics of Europe, to outlandish judgemental attitudes.
Over the last few months Channel 4, even more and better than BBC, has organized opinion forums amongst the young, that is yesterday’s teenagers who would now be entitled to vote. What is disheartening is that even among the young British, opinions about Europe and what it means are so divided and anchored on extreme positions. Very few have admitted that United Europe may not be such a perfect setup, but that in terms of mobility of travel, job opportunities and sponsored projects specifically designed for the youth, the EU has been quite a bonanza. Very many, on the contrary, have shown an alarming distaste for the mere concept of United Europe, most of them inheriting the opinion from their peers that GB is great and capable of overcoming any difficulty which may derive from divorcing Europe. The old pride in the past glory of the “British Empire” showing its ugly head!
A few days ago, after showing a documentary on the level of poverty in the UK(Breadline Britain) opinions were invited on the British TV in a subsequent program from two people representing the two opposite opinion poles on Brexit. One of them, the euro sceptic one, said that the EU is to be blamed for poverty in Britain. A more acute observer would object that the ever widening gap between those who have and those who have not is the result of sick capitalism which is pervading the whole world including Europe.
With such immaturity of opinions, one wonders whether another referendum would revert the anti European stance ratified by the original referendum three years ago, and vote to remain in Europe.
And now that utter confusion reigns both in the British political arena and among the people at large, one wonders what’ s the use of asking EU for a longer stay of execution for Brexit , as it is quite impossible to change or curb corrupted mindsets.
(Above picture by Ivo Oliveira)

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