Now we have marches in protest of yesterday’s verdict which saw the rugby players discharged as not guilty of rape of the 19 year old girl in Belfast.
One of the greatest achievement in jurisprudence in any civilized society is that you condemn someone for crimes committed beyond reasonable doubt. For these latest protesters the eleven members of the Belfast jury and the judge got it wrong, so they are marching to say the law is an ass. Every decent human being finds rape a disgusting crime punishable by law, nobody is disputing that. In clear cut cases of rape that is. We have seen marches following the revelations of Hollywood predators, we have seen marches against abortion seen as a licence to kill the unborn. There aren’t enough marches though to protest against cases where, for the sake of publicity and monetary gain, some women have reported untrue molestation, as there aren’t enough marches to press on legislators to protect the fundamental human right of a woman to do whatever she likes with her body.
We are living in an era of misguided do-gooders, of convenient interpretations and misconstructions.

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