“APOCALYPSE TOMORROW” – A book review by Luigi Boccia, Roberta Ielpo, Luca Lauria

‘Apocalypse tomorrow’ it’s a Sci-fi book by Concetto La Malfa published in 2014. The story is set in a post apocalyptic future where mankind is in the grip of utter desperation, living in a toxic environment and in a destroyed society. Bruce, an astrophysicist, died in 2050 but as a dead man he tells the story of our world before his death, a world that nobody would like to live in but, to a great extent, the result of man-made destruction. One day he receives an unexpected visit from Remis, the leader of a new-age group of pilgrims. He takes him to the Centre for the renewal of culture amongst children and scientific experiments. Here he meet some scientists who are studying solar radiations and trying to decipher mysterious signals emanating from a black rock. This signals were a message from a distant civilization: the Zerkans who, eventually, make contact with Earth to announce that their mission is to relocate most of the human race to Mars as the Earth is doomed. But there is a morale inherent in the book and a stern message to humanity. When they present their plan at the UN Assembly, they warn all the heads of state that they will do that only on condition that the word “war” is erased from mankind’s vocabulary.
This book has a gripping plot that you wouldn’t like to experience yourself, but that could be catastrophically plausible. The style is plain and simple and easily understandable.
We were enthralled by this incredible reading from the first to the last page, because it’s full of twists in its plot. We recommend this book to teenagers and adults alike, because its main theme is interesting in order to understand what could happen to our world if we don’t take care of it
The book can be read under the BOOKS section of italvideonewstv.net.

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