By Concetto La Malfa
We have seen it all. Finally Theresa May’s dissenters have had their way. The second woman PM in the history of Westminster, a woman and a leader of absolute integrity has just announced that she will resign on June 7th next. Her plan to exit the EU has been rejected three times and lately she has made some adjustments one of which the offer to parliamentarians of a vote on whether to hold a second referendum on Brexit, which has arisen negative reactions in her closest political circle. Because of this, the resignation of Andrea Leadsom, Leader of the House of Commons, was the last of a series of defections and resignations that began more than a year ago. May’s position at this time can be compared with that of a martyr in the Coliseum that has just got thumbs down and be forced to resign. This morning she has announced just that. And now the race of vultures for her last bit of flesh will start. Who will replace her? Clownish Boris Johnson? Needless to say, what we have seen over the past three years both in Westminster and in the position taken by the British people is simply incredible. The level of political immaturity and the presence of preconceptions about Europe on the part of the electorate has made it clear that the British have never been minimally integrated into Europe nor will they ever be. Only very few of the older British political figures agree that Brexit was a colossal mistake. Last night at Question Time BBC1 TV show one woman from the audience even said that she had voted remain at the last referendum three years ago, but has just voted Nigel Farrage’s Brexit Party at the current European Elections. Quite incredible!
Now it will be interesting to see how better than Theresa May the new Conservative Leader and PM will deal with delivering BREXIT. The chances are that it will make no difference. Some of the most boisterous dissenters claim that they need a negotiator with the EU tougher than Theresa May has been. These smart political represenatives still think that they can dictate their way to the EU. They have another thing coming!!

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