So Boris Johnson, the British politician who, to many observers, resembles a typical brainy British college student top of the class in debating societies, seems to be heading for a win in the Tory leadership race and the post as Prime Minister.
The question is are the British (politicians) making yet another mistake?
What we know of Mr Johnson, apart from his undisputed positive reputation as twice Lord Mayor of London and a short lived position as Foreign Minister, is that for his Brexit campaign three years ago he made the devious and bogus claim that Britain has to pay €350 million per week to EU which was splashed all over the sides of the red London buses. This played quite a big part for the gullible voters in the UK who never liked or were uncertain about the EU to vote for Brexit.
That alone would, in a more balanced world, exonerate him from any political race or aspiration. But we have seen how little balance can now be found in political circles in Britain, so Johnson’s so called aura seems to carry him to a likely victory as a kind of post-populist champion.

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