The north Korean crisis has now become a lethal chess game. The permutation of all possibilities to resolve this impasse are conditioned by the fact that in spite of world condemnations, warnings from the USA, Japan and half-cooked UN resolutions, Kim Jong-un keeps testing nuclear capabilities firing missiles after missiles.
All China has done, in its lukewarm stance on the issue, is inviting American and its allies to explore diplomatic avenues, and the hope that it could consent to impose commercial sanctions on North Korea seems quite remote.
Those who think that China, and for that matter Russia, would embrace the western cause, are deluding themselves.
It the whole thing should result in a military confrontation it will be, once again west against the East.
Besides, should crippling commercial sanctions be imposed on North Korea, it’s quite unlikely that Kim Jong-Un will sit at the dialogue table.
What does a rat do when it is cornered? It will attack and that might be the scenario with North Korea. After all, all he has to do is fly a missile over Guam to prompt military reaction from the USA.

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